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A.Q.U.A. & Gram∞Maria LJ community




voc: shi-no
guit: Rai
guit: keiji
ba: Yuna
piano: Sayo
dr: Yasu

Gram∞MariA HP



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Message from Shi-no [ 09年05月20日


Here is the link to the note:
And the message :

Gracias por muchos recuerdos!!

Regreso ahora a Japón

Argentina era un país muy espléndido

Con un espectador
Con un amigo

Había mucha felicidad

Además, encontrémosnos en octubre.

Espero eso que puedo encontrarme a todos

te amo!!!!!


Thank you for all of my frineds.

I'm very happy to meet you,and happy I could come to here!!!!

I go back to japan to day,

I miss all of place!!I don't have enough time to sightseeing your city..I hope next time ,,I can go to many place for sightseeing!!

and beach!!

I couldn't find girl at beach in rio,santos.

I don't know why only boys playing soccer.....fuck!!

next time I hope many many Gostosas at beach!!

it is very far from japan to brazil.

but,I'm always with you.

when you want to meet me,when you listen my songs,,please remember me♪

I hope that I can meet with everyone at october again

and,,please know about me more than now until I will come again!

thank you again,.

see you!!!

Eu deixo o Brasil hoje!!

Obrigado pela melhor memória e vida diária agradável
Eu gosto de Brasil!!!!

Uma refeição está deliciosa

Uma menina está bonita

Licor está delicioso
Uma visita é esplêndida

É um país esplêndido!!
O Japão e Brasil são distantes。。

Eu sempre sou mesmo como o senhor!

Vejamos novamente em outubro!!!





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Hi! images anybody?!?!?! [ 09年05月14日

hi! n.n
i'm new here and i wanted to know if anybody have images of the band or Shino n.n
i can not find them and is getting really frustrating -.-u

oh if anybody wants i have some scans of the "Kimi no inai kuuhaku" single autograph by Shino *-*
(let u a little sample)


(he came to argentina and gave a concert on a anime event *-* 
i touch his hand *-* i love him *-* )

well if you are interested let me know n.n


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[REQ] Discography [ 09年04月19日


I know that's a stupid request but I really can't find it in anywhere ;__;  and the OHP is not working... someone can help me please? I need full discography of Gram Maria.

;) thx

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The tour has been postpone? [ 08年11月22日


Hi all..

I just know that gram maria' South American tour has been postpone to April 2009 due to the members' less time and VISA trouble.
But I don't see anyone post or talk about it here, so I'm wonder if you guys wanna say something about this or not.
I'm waiting for this tour and event though I don't live there in Latin. (I can't say how much I'm glad the re-start of gram maria, so I'm really happy to see they gonna re-start or do whatever about the band ^^)

I'm still waiting to April 2009 to see you guys in South America share feelings and live report there with shiver ^.^

Crystal ^^

P.S. Nice to meet you guys, I'm a new member to this community

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World tour news from Gram∞Maria + CONTEST [ 08年09月30日


Hi! Gram∞Maria's myspace has just been updated! Here we go:
2008~2009 Gram∞Maria world tour

2008,11.17 handshake and photo session at FERIA DEL DISCO

2008.11.19 concert at Peru
2008.11.21 concert at Valparaiso
2008.11.22 concert at Concepcion
2008.11.23 concert at Santiago(final)

we hold dressup contest & draw picture contest,
we ready premium present for you!!

Gram∞Maria South America tour site

go to click here

2008.12.13 at Taipei
and more

2009.3 at Poland 2 days.
and Europe tour. "

Yaaaay ^_____^

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Gram∞Maria- reactivation! [ 08年08月16日


Hello everyone! Good news for those who missed Gram∞Maria!
Recently on Gram∞Maria OHP appeared this information: "2008年9月21日再始動" (21.09.2008 - restart) - which means that GM is officialy back to life by the  end of September :).
If you want to check the new memberline go either to Shi-no's blog or to Shi-no projects fan site ^___^(for those who can't read Japanese it's a better option;].)

... and one more thing. As you probably already noticed, the A.Q.U.A. activity will be stopped soon. It was also announced officially - on A.Q.U.A. OHP there is a piece of information that says that this band ends its activity on 27.08.2008. It seems that instead of A.Q.U.A., GM will go to South America.

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Song samples. [ 08年06月05日

Hello. If you're interested in A.Q.U.A.'s releases I have some nice links for you.
If you want to listen to samples of "Disagree" and "Bloom" visit http://gram-maria.livenet.pl/ and click at A.Q.U.A. part. Sample's are in section Discography :)
If you want to read the kanji/kana and romaji (unofficial)  lyrics of "蒼" (Ao) go to this forum: http://gram-maria.livenet.pl/forum/ . It would be really nice if some of you sign up and help us to make the forum more active =). I'm curious what you think about the new AQUA releases.

You have a chance to buy AQUA's single with songs "蒼" and "BLOOM" at Ukiyo-e shop! Info here:

There are only 13(actually ten, because me and my friend have already ordered ^^) copies left!

Bye bye ^___^.

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